Logo design

Your logo is the identity of your business – it's the sum of your business and mission statement wrapped up into one little icon. We are passionate about designing with purpose and personality so that your logo can carry the weight of your entire business, even when it stands alone. 

We like to first hear about you and your business to get a solid understanding of your motto, mission statement, and goals. After we chat, we will devise a creative strategy that will fuel our process together. As for your logo, we will begin by sketching, and you will make the final call on logo design!

Brand personality

However...a logo is almost pointless without a brand and brand personality. What is a brand personality, you ask? We like to think of it as all of the things you would associate with your business, in a visual sense. It's the color palette, the imagery, the verbiage, and the overall 'feeling' you want to convey to your clients. 

We will work side-by-side to target your business' specific audience so that your brand is appropriate to your clientele. As your brand personality becomes established, TaborMade will provide essential visual guides (see Workbook & Style Guide) to help you keep your brand consistent over a variety of materials, and even your website.

style guide

It's our goal to make this process meaningful to you, but also simple. That's why we give you a style guide. This tool will help you make executive creative decisions for your brand in the future. Everything from colors, fonts, and appropriate logo usage will be included for you.